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You or a loved one has gone to trial and been convicted. Now what? The next step is to take your conviction to the Court of Appeals and turn it into an acquittal or a new trial. At the Morgan Law Office, we can help you reach that goal.

What Is An Appeal?

When most people hear the term “appeal”, they think an appeal is an entirely new trial in front of a different court.  This is rarely the case.  An appeal means a higher court determines whether the evidence is sufficient to support a conviction and whether the defendant received a fair trial.

Is An Appeal Worthwhile?

There are many reasons to pursue an appeal. A criminal conviction may prevent you from obtaining employment or housing and even student loans. Going through the criminal court process may feel stressful, but we want to help you fight for the brightest-possible future when someone has made an incorrect decision in your case.

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At The Morgan Law Office, we try to put a wrong decision by the judge or jury into a correct decision by the judges at the appellate court level. With some exceptions, most requests for appeals must be filed within thirty days of the conviction. Do not delay waiting to speak with an attorney! Call now to schedule your consultation, 432-307-6507.