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We’re Here For You During (And After) Divorce

It’s often heartbreaking to see a family structure changed by divorce, but in many cases it is the best choice for everyone, including your children. At The Morgan Law Office, we believe in family law that focuses on the well-being of each member of the family. We are attorneys Brent and Piper Morgan, and we help clients from throughout the greater Midland area with divorce and other family law matters.

No matter how friendly your split with your spouse is, you need to have your own attorney during a divorce. Even uncontested divorces can have details on which you differ with your ex. We provide confidential, honest counsel to you, so you can rebuild your life and thrive afterward.

Family Law Questions We Can Help You Answer

As you proceed through the divorce process – which can last anywhere from 61 days in the case of an uncontested divorce to months or years in highly conflictual, litigated divorces – you will no doubt have many questions about both the legal issues at play and how your family will be impacted. We can help you at each stage.

  • During the divorce process, we can help you negotiate with your ex on significant issues related to your children, how property will be divided and if any spousal support (alimony) will be paid.
  • During divorce litigation, we will fight for your best interests and the best interests of your children.
  • During discussions related to child custody, we can explain Texas custody options, how the court may view your request for primary custody and how to create a viable co-parenting plan with your ex.
  • During child support and spousal support discussions, we can explain Texas law in these areas, and prepare your request or response to a support request.
  • After your divorce is finalized, we can evaluate your requests for post-decree modifications to custody or support, and help you file them in the appropriate court venue.

Because we help families in several areas of the law at our firm, we can also help you during a divorce with updating your estate planning documents and with filing domestic violence charges if your relationship has been fractured by abuse.

Take The First Step Toward A Happier Future

Before you move forward with ending your marriage, consult with our experienced Midland divorce lawyers today. Call us at 432-307-6507 to schedule an appointment or make your request by using our online contact form.