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Preparing for your divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2023 | Family Law

Divorce is one of the hardest experiences you will likely ever go through. It involves many complicated and painful emotions and separating your life from someone else’s often brings many challenges.

There are many things you can do to prepare for your divorce, both emotionally and practically.

Processing your emotions

Remember that your feelings, such as sadness, anger, betrayal or bitterness are normal and allow yourself the time and space to work through them.

At the same time, recognize that these emotions can prevent you from making divorce decisions that are in your best interest. You must think clearly and logically when necessary, so it may help to talk with a therapist or a counselor.

This can give you the space you need to focus fully on your feelings, so you are mentally prepared for the other aspects of your divorce. Additionally, while you may want nothing more than to be left alone, do not turn away the support of friends or family who reach out to you. A strong support system during this time is vital.

Living arrangements

Most spouses separate at some point during the divorce process. Texas law imposes a 60-day waiting period after a divorce is filed before it can be finalized.

Research and plan your budget now that you will be living as a single person. If you are staying in the marital home, determine if you can afford the monthly living expenses.

If you are the one moving out, carefully research new places to live. Making a hasty decision by picking the first place you find just because you want to get away from your spouse can lead to future problems.

Start packing as soon as you can. Many divorces start out amicably, but as the process moves along, tensions can arise. Sometimes one spouse will prevent the other from returning to the marital home to pick up leftover items. If you are leaving, it is best to get all your items out early and at once.

Accounts and passwords

Change passwords to all your accounts. Consider creating a new email account for divorce related items. You may trust your spouse, but trust can erode through the divorce process.

Open a post office box and have your mail sent there. Divorce involves a lot of important documents and deadlines. Courts generally do not consider claiming you did not receive a document a valid reason for missing a deadline or failing to submit required documents.

Order and review copies of all your credit reports at the start and end of your divorce. This will help you keep track of any outstanding debts and prevent future problems.

Participate in the process

Finally, do not avoid the divorce process. Maybe you are not the one who wants a divorce and are still hoping for reconciliation.

However, Texas, like most states, still allows a divorce to eventually be finalized even if one spouse is completely uncooperative. Purposely missing deadlines, refusing to submit documentation or not attending court will not prevent your divorce from going through and will likely only result in a much worse outcome for you.

Having proper advice and guidance is essential during a divorce. You cannot and should not go through this alone.